Reeves Lund


We understand communications technology and applications. You can take that as a given. What’s more important is that we take the time to understand the business drivers that create our clients’ need for efficient and effective communications infrastructure.

Our experience with our clients over the years tells us that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is wholly inappropriate. This is why we work so closely with you to fully understand how your personnel interact with each other, with your suppliers and with your clients.

As part of this analysis we also make a comprehensive assessment of your communications costs, understanding how you manage both the investment in technology and the recurring costs of network services. We consider the options available to your business so that we can identify tailored solutions that will minimise both capital and operational expenditure and maximise your return on investment.

Analyse Case study

Canopius, one of the largest privately-owned Lloyd's insurance underwriters, has been a client of Reeves Lund for 16 years, allowing us to develop a detailed understanding of their communications infrastructure requirements:

"Reeves Lund understands our business and the wider insurance market. They are adept at assessing our immediate needs as well as how our voice and data requirements will evolve”