Reeves Lund

Business Continuity

Communications is a business critical element of every organisation. You need to be reachable by your customers, your employees need to communicate with each other and to make this happen you rely on both internal and external connectivity for your computer systems and applications.

Because it is not always possible or cost effective to absolutely protect against potential failure, it is vital that your firm minimises both the likelihood of failure and its business impact.

At Reeves Lund we understand the business critical nature of communications and help our clients to architect solutions that minimise risk and ensure business continuity.

Whether a service, a component or even an entire office becomes unavailable, a business continuity solution from Reeves Lund ensures that it has minimum impact on your business. We are able to ensure that your business remains connected, customers can call you, your workforce is still able to be online and communications can continue to flow.

Business Continuity Case Study

Global web hosting provider, Rackspace, has been working with Reeves Lund for 5 years. With its business growing by 80% year on year and with 90% of their business conducted over the phone, their need for robust and resilient communications infrastructure was clear:

“we have frank discussions about our business plans and requirements knowing Reeves Lund will deliver the most appropriate hardware and software for our needs”