Reeves Lund


Our people have many years experience of designing and architecting business communications infrastructures that deliver value to our clients.

We utilise the analysis that we perform to determine the most appropriate solution for your business that is fully aligned to your business needs. Our architects’ aim is to create a solution for you that leverages the investment you have already made, enhancing it to meet your needs and laying a foundation for future business growth.

A Reeves Lund solution takes into account all of the aspects of your communications needs including unified communications, mobility, business continuity, network services and your data network.

Our solutions architects have a deep understanding of the solutions available from industry leading technology companies. This allows us design communications infrastructures for our clients that appropriately combine best-of-breed technologies from global network providers, hardware manufacturers and software vendors.

By combining our analysis of your business needs, with our understanding of these industry leading technologies, we can design a holistic solution that will support every aspect of how your workforce, customers and partners communicate in order to drive efficiency, improve effectiveness and enable business growth.