Reeves Lund


Reeves Lund provides a comprehensive range of project management, implementation and technical services to support you both in the deployment phase and in the ongoing management of your communications infrastructure.

Our team are specialists in communications technology and applications. This is our absolute focus. We combine technical excellence with practical experience of what makes an effective communications solution allowing us to seamlessly integrate your solution into your business.

With understanding and with experience in every component of a Reeves Lund solution, our team fully manages the end-to-end delivery of our solutions, ensuring that you reduce project risk and have the peace of mind of a single, proven supplier.

A key aspect of any deployment is user adoption and our team will work with your technical staff and end-users to ensure that every aspect of your solution is fully understood and that, from day one, you are able to maximise the benefits that it delivers.

Execution Case study

This was particularly important for Rackspace, a global web hosting company:

“As a technology company, we have technical personnel on site who like to do the work themselves. But we quickly established an excellence working relationship with Reeves Lund which has evolved into a technology partnership”