Reeves Lund


The modern business is increasingly becoming a virtual business with more of the workforce being in remote offices, on the move, on client site or working from home.

At Reeves Lund we work with you to understand the needs of your remote workers and ensure that they are an integral part of your communications infrastructure.

Remote office and home workers are connected to your communication infrastructure as if they were sitting in your head office, so that they not only feel part of the corporate infrastructure but can leverage the associated productivity benefits.

For your field-based employees we provide advanced mobile solutions enabling them to be connected to vital data such as email, centralised diaries and enterprise applications.

By leveraging our experience to design, deploy and manage a true mobility solution, we are able to drive up both the efficiency and the effectiveness of your remote workforce and in many cases at the same time as reducing their overall communication costs.

Mobility Case Study

Lloyd’s underwriter, Canopius, has been a Reeves Lund client for 16 years. While their requirements have evolved, our ability to add real business advantage through communications technology has been a constant:

“their consultative advice, project management and ability to make complex solutions simple mean they have been instrumental to our business”